Here you can find a collection of files that are used in some posts of this website or as archive.

The Excel “AUTOSAVE.XLA” plugin (orginally from the Microsoft Office 2000 installation media) can be used to get the Autosave option in Excel 2003.

Name: Size: 23954 bytes (23 KiB)
CRC32: E86248FB
CRC64: 061C972E1E77329F
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Microsoft’s Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, MSICUU2.exe, was a tool one used to remove failed installations and information for programs, that were installed using Windows Installer.

Name: Size: 314306 bytes (306 KiB)
CRC32: 8EF2E58F
CRC64: 42F43FCF96B377CA
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Note: Microsoft has replaced Windows Installer Cleanup utility with Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter, but have been also discontinued.
Read this post first, before using the mstsc.exe.manifest file.

Name: Size: 672 bytes
CRC32: C20C41A8
CRC64: 04C6F95FEE126309
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Still many organisations use NewSid after cloning / imaging Windows XP computers.
Here it is still available for download.

Name: Size: 68454 bytes (66 KiB)
CRC64: 5E1077034F167993
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Make sure you read this why it’s not available anymore at Microsoft.
For more information about the use of the program, you can find it here.